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103P on 2010-11-01

Image of 103P/Hartley taken 2010.11.01 by DI S/C and marked with directional pointers.

Caption: This EPOXI mission image of comet 103P/Hartley 2 was taken 3 days from Encounter (E-3d) using the Medium Resolution Instrument (MRI) and a clear filter. Science team co-Investigator Dr. Lucy McFadden combined four successive one-minute exposures to make this single image. The mid-exposure time was 2010/11/01 09:22 UTC. The comet was 1.06 AU from the Sun and 0.02 AU (3.4 million km) from the spacecraft.

Technical Details

Image Parameter Details
Spacecraft: Deep Impact Flyby
Instrument: Medium Resolution Instrument (MRI)
Mid-exposure Date/Time (UTC): 2010/11/01 09:22
Filter: Clear
Exposure: 4 x 60 sec
Pointing: RA 20h 42' 15"
Dec +37° 10' 39"
Field of View: approximately 17,000 km at the comet
Solar Elongation: 96°
Solar Phase Angle: 83°
Sun-Comet distance (r): 1.0602 AU (159 million km)
DIF-Comet distance: 0.0227 AU (3.4 million km)

Table 1: Data about image.

Additional Images:

Image of 103P/Hartley taken 2010.11.01 by DI S/C.Click for full size image.
This is the same image as above, but without the pointers.
Negative image of 103P/Hartley taken 2010.11.01 by DI S/C.Click for full size image.
Negative of the same image which makes it a little easier to see the faint coma around the comet.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

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