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2013.02.05 UMD Comet Debuting in New Deep Impact Movie Expected to Star this Winter
2013.02.05 JPL NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet ISON
2012.10.04 JPL Deep Impact Spacecraft Completes Rocket Burn
2011.05.17 GSFC At the Heart of Hartley-2, a New Breed of Comet?
2010.11.18 UM Spacecraft Flew Through 'Snowstorm' on Encounter with Comet Hartley 2
2010.11.18 NASA HQ NASA Spacecraft Sees Cosmic Snow Storm During Comet Encounter
2010.11.15 NASA HQ NASA Announces Comet Encounter News Conference
2010.11.10 UMD Primordial Dry Ice Fuels Comet Jets
2010.11.05 JPL Flight of the Comet
2010.11.04 UMD UMD Leads Deep Impact Spacecraft on Successful Flyby of Comet Hartley 2
2010.11.04 JPL NASA EPOXI Flyby Reveals New Insights Into Comet Features
2010.11.04 JPL NASA Mission Successfully Flies by Comet Hartley 2
2010.11.03 JPL NASA Mission in Final Day Before Comet Meetup
2010.11.02 Purdue Purdue professor, student part of NASA comet mission
2010.11.02 JPL The Man Behind Comet Hartley 2
2010.11.02 JPL NASA Spacecraft on Final Approach Toward Comet
2010.11.01 NASA HQ NASA to Host Live Events for November 4 Comet Encounter
2010.10.28 JPL Space Radar Provides a Taste of Comet Hartley 2
2010.10.27 JPL NASA Spacecraft Preps for Comet Flyby
2010.10.26 JPL Countdown to Comet Flyby Down to Nine Days
2010.10.25 JPL Five Things About NASA's EPOXI Mission
2010.10.21 JPL New Cometary Phenomenon Greets Approaching Spacecraft
2010.10.19 JPL The Comet Cometh: Hartley 2 Visible in Night Sky
2010.10.05 JPL WISE Captures Key Images of Comet Mission's Destination
2010.10.05 STSci Hubble Probes Comet 103P/Hartley 2 in Preparation for DIXI flyby
2010.10.04 JPL NASA Mission 'E-Minus' One Month to Comet Flyby
2010.09.29 JPL NASA'S EPOXI Mission Sets Up for Comet Flyby
2010.09.08 UM UMD-Led Team Begins Imaging Comet Hartley 2 with Deep Impact Spacecraft
2010.09.08 JPL Tally-Ho! Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet Target
2010.06.28 JPL 'Hitchhiker' EPOXI: Next Stop, Comet Hartley 2
2010.06.25 UM Deep Impact Spacecraft to Make Last Swing By Earth on Way to Another Comet
2010.06.25 JPL Earth to Lend Helping Hand to Comet Craft
2010.05.28 JPL NASA Spacecraft Burns for Home, Then Comet
2010.01.05 GSFC Sun Glints Seen from Space Signal Oceans and Lakes
2009.09.24 UM Deep Impact and Other Spacecraft Find Clear Evidence of Water on Moon
2009.09.24 NASA HQ NASA Instruments Reveal Water Molecules on Lunar Surface
2008.11.18 JPL NASA Tests First Deep-Space Internet
2008.07.17 UM UM-Led Deep Impact Films Earth as Alien World
2008.07.17 GSFC NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth as an Alien World
2008.06.02 GSFC Hunt for Superearth Planets Underway
2008.02.07 GSFC NASA's Deep Impact Begins Hunt for Alien Worlds
2007.12.31 UM Deep Impact Team 'Celebrates' New Year's Eve with Earth Flyby
2007.12.14 BATC Ball Aerospace's Deep Impact Spacecraft Headed to Comet Hartley 2
2007.12.13 IfA, UH Manoa NASA and the Case of the Missing Comet
2007.12.13 UM Deep Impact Extended Mission Heads for Comet Hartley 2
2007.12.13 NASA HQ NASA Sends Spacecraft on Mission to Comet Hartley 2
2007.07.03 NASA HQ NASA Gives Two Successful Spacecraft New Assignments
2007.04.05 GSFC Deep Impact Extended Mission Could Probe Deeper Into Solar System Origin
2006.10.30 UM UM Proposal for Deep Impact Extended Mission Clears Major Hurdle
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