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EPOXI in the News

EPOXI in the News

2013.02.06 Universe Today Deep Impact Images Spectacular incoming Comet ISON Curiosity & NASA Armada Will Try article
2013.02.06 Scientific American blogs Will This Be The Comet Of The Century? blog
2013.02.05 The Planetary Society Venerable Deep Impact spacecraft has photographed comet ISON blog
2013.02.05 The Cosmic Log Coming attractions: Deep Impact probe tracks 'Comet of the Century' blog
2012.10.05 The Planetary Society Deep Impact targets possible 2020 asteroid flyby blog
2011.10.04 Europlanet Research Infrastructure Hyperactive Hartley 2 has a split history EPSC-DPS press notice
2010.10.26 Nature Glimpsing a comet's heart article
2010.10.26 Science@NASA Scientists Watch for a "Hartley-id" Meteor Shower article
interstellarum Rendezvous mit einem seltenen Gast (pdf of TOC)
flash page
article in print mag
2010.10.22 Scientific American Get a glimpse of Comet Hartley 2 less than two weeks before NASA probe's flyby blog
2010.10.21 The Baltimore Sun Comet Hartley 2 close, but hard to see article
2010.10.21 The Cosmic Log Comet's tale isn't over yet blog
2010.10.20 StarDate Comet Hartley 2 Visible in Morning Sky This Week article
2010.10.19 National Geographic Comet's Green Halo blog
2010.10.19 Comet-Hunting Spacecraft Nears Icy Target article
2010.10.18 Sky & Telescope Comet Hartley 2 At Its Closest article
2010.10.18 Astronomy News Room Comet Hartley 2 and the Epoxi Mission blog
2010.10.18 The Planetary Society Deep Impact Hartley 2 encounter timeline blog
2010.10.15 Science@NASA NASA Spacecraft Hurtles Toward Active Comet Hartley 2 article
2010.10.01 Comet and Earth to Have Rare Close Encounter article
2010.09.21 The Diamondback Intergalactic Scholastics
Intergalactic Scholastics (print)
2010.09.14 Cosmic Log This comet's ready for its close-up blog
2010.09.08 Coalition for Space Exploration First Photo! NASA Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet Target blog
2010.09.08 The Planetary Society Deep Impact snaps first image of flyby target comet Hartley 2 blog
2010.09.08 Faulkes Telescope Project Comet cracker observing new target article
2010.08.03 NASA Podcasts What's Up for August? vodcast
2010.07.29 The Planetary Society What's up in the solar system for August 2010 blog
2010.07.13 Geeked on Goddard Did I Forget To Mention? Happy 5 Years, Deep Impact Mission! blog
2010.07.01 The National Space Society of Phoenix Comet Hartley 2 article
2010.06.28 Deep Impact Earth Swing-by Sets Second Comet Rendezvous article
2010.06.28 Spaceflight Now Space probe swings by Earth for rendezvous with comet article
2010.06.27 Comet probe pays visit to Earth article
2010.06.24 Spaceflight Now Comet-bound probe needs Earth to shape its trajectory article
2010.06.04 Calder's Updates Comets and Life blog
2010.06.02 Layer 8 NASA tweaks comet chasers blog
2010.06.01 The Planetary Society What's up in the solar system in June 2010 blog
2010.03.03 Space Daily Great Impact Debates article
2010.03.02 Nature LPSC 2010: Yes there is water on the Moon blog
2010.03.02 The Register NASA sniffs out (yet more) lunar ice blog
2010.03.01 Universe Today Look for "Flood" of News This Week About Water on the Moon blog
2010.03.01 New Scientist Satelloons and lunar lasers: communicating in space article
2009.10.08 Science News FOR KIDS: Not bone-dry after all: the moon holds water article
2009.10.08 redOrbit Microwaving Water From Moondust article
2009.09.28 Diamondback Online Univ. astronomers discover water on the moon article
2009.09.28 Sky & Telescope The Humid Moon article
2009.09.25/26 The Planetary Society The "Water on the Moon" Hoopla, Part 1: There's water on the Moon!
The "Water on the Moon" Hoopla, Part 2: The murkier part of the story
2009.09.24 LA Times Evidence suggests water exists on the moon article
2009.09.24 NASA Watch Moon Water News Stories article
2009.09.24 Tribune Newspapers Water on moon: Researchers say water detected on celestial neighbor article
2009.09.24 Bad Astronomy Blog Water on the Moon...? Yup. It's real. blog
2009.09.24 M3 Science Blog Character and Spatial Distribution of OH/H2O on the Surface of the Moon seen by M3 on Chandrayaan-1 blog
2009.09.23 AP It's not lunacy, probes find water in moon dirt article
2009.09.23 Space.Ref Three Separate Spacecraft Have Detected Significant Water On the Moon: Why Has NASA Waited So Long To Say So? blog
2008.12.17 Bad Astronomy Blog Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008 blog
2008.11.20 ZDnet Nasa uses spacecraft to test interplanetary network article
2008.11.19 New Scientist 'Interplanetary internet' passes first test article
2008.11.19 Cosmic Log Interplanetary Internet passes test
2008.11.19 'Interplanetary Internet' possible, thanks to NASA, Google article
2008.11.19 Associated Press E-mail in zero G: NASA develops network for space article
2008.10.27 Technology Review A Better Network for Outer Space interview
2008.10.13 Nature AAS DPS 2008: Pale blue dot blog
2008.10.13 The Planetary Society DPS meeting: Saturday: Studying extrasolar planets with planetary spacecraft blog
2008.07.30 SciCitizen Unexpected perspectives blog
2008.07.18 Centauri Dreams EPOXI: Clues to Terrestrial Worlds blog
2008.07.18 ABC News: Science & Society Transit of Earth blog
2008.07.17 Cumbrian Sky The Moon transits Earth... blog
2008.07.17 Bad Astronomy Blog HOLY FRAK! Moon transits Earth! blog
2008.05.29 Centauri Dreams EPOCh Mission Now Focusing On GJ 436 blog
2008.05.28 NASA EPOXI Mission Status May 23, 2008 article
2008.05.27 Centauri Dreams Astrobiology: Finding a Place Like Ours blog
2008.03.23 ScienceDaily Ancient Asteroids Formed At Solar System's Start article
2008.02.16 Baltimore Sun Second life for comet chaser article
2008.02.12 Astrobiology Magazine Hunting Earths with EPOXI article
2008.02.11 Skymania News Probe searches for new Earths blog
2008.02.11 Deep Impact to Search for Alien Worlds blog
2008.02.11 The search for exosolar planets article
2008.02.11 Whittier Daily News A bit of space recycling article
2008.02.10 Bad Astronomy Blog EPOXI sticks like glue to extrasolar planets blog
2008.02.08 NASA Probe Begins Hunt for Alien Planets article
2008.01.01 AP (as posted by Sky&Telescope) Deep Impact Spacecraft Zips Past Earth article
2007.12.31 The Planetary Society Deep Impact snatches science data from Earth-Moon flyby blog
2007.12.30 The Planetary Society Deep Impact Spotted blog
2007.12.30 NASA EPOXI Spacecraft Earth Flyby on 31 December 2007: How To See It article
2007.12.25 The New York Times Mission to a Distant Comet letter
2007.12.18 The New York Times A Comet Is Missing, So Spacecraft Will Go to NASA's Next Choice article
2007.12.14 The Planetary Society Deep Impact Update blog
2007.12.13 Raising Islands--Hawai'i science and environment Comet missing! Hawai'i telescopes aided in search blog
2007.12.13 Sky&Telescope Deep Impact's New Assignments blog
2007.12.13 Deep Impact has New Mission for New Year article
2007.11.27 The Planetary Society The Deep Impact extended mission is going to take a little longer blog
2007.09.26 Science @ NASA Blasting a Hole in a Comet: Take 2 article
2007.04.14 AstroVersum NASA opent jacht op exoplaneten met komeetsonde article
2007.04.12 Spaceflight Now Deep Impact could probe deeper into origins article
2007.04.10 Deep Impact: La mission EPOXI article
2007.04.10 Astrobiology Magazine EPOXI to Stick with Deep Impact article
2006.11.03 The Planetary Society Searching for Extrasolar Planets with Deep Impact blog
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