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EPOXI Newsletter - July/August 2009


  • EPOXI flight and science teams win NASA's Group Achievement Award
    Congratulations to the EPOXI flight and science teams who received the NASA Group Achievement Award "in recognition of their highly successful campaign to observe transits and eclipses of giant transiting exoplanets."
    Group Achievement Award
  • IR spectrometer calibration
    EPOXI engineering and science teams worked hard this summer to acquire a good set of IR spectrometer calibration measurements. Taken using the Moon, the data will improve the spectroscopic data for scientific interpretation.
    Mission Status, Dr. Mike A'Hearn


So who works on EPOXI? We are continuing with our plan to feature some of the EPOCh scientists as they work hard analyzing their data and some of the many engineers and support personnel who helped make the EPOCh phase of the mission successful.

  • Meet Nick Cowan
    This University of Washington graduate student is making maps of Earth when he isn't outdoors or cooking for his "sweetheart."
    Nick's Up Close & Personal
  • Meet Jim Taylor
    Our Telecom Lead Engineer oversees communications with the spacecraft as he interfaces with several other teams to ensure the health of the spacecraft.
    Jim's Up Close & Personal
  • All biographies


  • Puzzles
    Are you looking for something to do together? Learn more about NASA's Deep Impact and EPOXI missions by trying some of the crossword and word search puzzles. Some are print and do, some can be completed online, all are fun!
  • NASA's Space Place
    A great website with puzzles, projects, stories and more related to many space missions including EPOXI. Some of the ones that we enjoyed:
    Cosmic Car Crash
    Marshmallows? Chewy caramel? Nuts?


  • Discovery Program
    EPOXI belongs to NASA's Discovery Program of small planetary science investigations. Read the latest quarterly newsletter with the current status of all the Discovery and New Frontiers missions. Go to to view and subscribe.
    • New Frontiers Program AO Released
    • Next Discovery Program AO on the Way
    • Kepler Mission Begins Search for Other Earths
    • Interview with William Borucki - Kepler P.I.
    • M3 Findings Confirm Lunar Highland Theory
    • NASA Selects New Studies of Mars and Mercury
    • MESSENGER Reveals Mercury as a Dynamic Planet
    • Pluto Planning Underway
    • Dawn Swings by Mars, Resumes Thrusting
    • EPOXI Characterizes Comet Hartley 2
    • Stardust-NExT Keeps on Cruising
    • ASPERA-3/Mars Express Extended
    • GRAIL Conducts Reviews
    • Juno Completes Critical Design Review

    Also, check out the new Mission Milestones which features an interactive tour of all of the Discovery and New Frontiers missions at
  • Sharing Web Site Content
    Did you see an interesting page on the EPOXI website? Want to share it with your friends? It's now easier to do that since we've added a Share Button on all of the pages. You can post a page to your Facebook, MySpace or other social network. You can also email, Digg, Twitter... Just look for the "Add This" button in the left column on any page.


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EPOXI E-News features information about the mission, its outreach web site, and products, services, and materials available from the EPOXI Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) team. The EPOXI mission combines two exciting science investigations in an entirely new mission that re-uses the Deep Impact spacecraft. The Extrasolar Planet Observation and Characterization (EPOCh) investigation will observe stars that have known transiting giant planets and also observed the Earth as a model for future direct observations of extrasolar Earth-like planets. The Deep Impact Extended Investigation (DIXI) of comets observes comet 103P/Hartley 2 during a close flyby in October 2010. The EPOXI mission is a partnership among the University of Maryland (UMD), the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp (BATC), and Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). EPOXI is a NASA Discovery mission of opportunity. See our website at


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