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Everyone Loves a Story

Kids love stories, and from an early age, children learn in narrative. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some are told, not read. They come alive in face, hands, and body movements. Many are not written down- they are pieces of history, culture, and tradition that are passed from one generation to the next. Stories organize facts and data, illustrate procedure, and simulate possible outcomes.
Thanks to Dawn EPO for this wonderful description!

graphic of kid with telescope
Sam Finnigan: Follow Sam Finnigan and his pals as they prepare to take off in his homemade rocket ship. Then finish the story by creating your own version of Sam's cosmic adventure.
+ Sam Finnigan story (pdf) (to be read by teacher)
+ Sam Finnigan story (pdf) (to be illustrated by student)
+ Extension Activity (doc) (with working vocabulary lexicon)
stylized comet
Comet Sisters: (All ages) Science facts and value lessons are blended in a mythical story about the Villagers of the Earth and the Comet Sisters in space. Try it with all ages either as an introduction to comets or an evaluation tool. See how many facts about comets your students can find hidden in the story. Extended activities are included at the end.
+ Comet Sisters (to be read by teacher; with tips and extensions)


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