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Cosmic Characters

The EPOXI mission, like all NASA missions, is chock full of interesting characters among its team members. Scientists, engineers, EPO specialists, interns, postdocs, bureaucrats, all working together, all with interesting stories to tell!

The spacecraft and instruments can also be imagined as characters performing an important part. How would you imagine the instruments or spacecraft? What stories would you make up with your characters? Below are two characters imagined by EPOCh team member Dr. Tim Livengood's daughters:

Ms. DIXI drawing by Rachel Livengood
Ms. DIXI: Drawn by Rachel Livengood. Ms. Livengood has been drawing strange and outrageous characters since she was tiny, and sees no reason to stop now. In addition to Ms. DIXI, Rachel likes to draw dinosaurs, characters from animé and manga, weird and outrageous steampunk machines, and weird and outrageous creatures who laugh at the concept of evolution. Laugh, I tell you! Although some of her weird and outrageous creatures also think very highly of evolution, and respect it totally.
You can find more of Rachel's work at

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Mr. EPOCh drawing by Emmy Livengood
Mr. EPOCh: Mr. EPOCh is drawn by Emmy Livengood. Ms. Livengood is a big, big fan of the 1920's flapper-and-zoot-suit aesthetic. Her personal idol is H. L. Mencken. In addition to drawing Mr. EPOCh, Emmy likes to free-associate expressively-drawn characters caught in the act of living, as well as hideous and gruesome depictions of terrifying characters from animé and manga.
You can find more of Emmy's work at

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