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Lunar Calibration: HRI VIS Results

HRI image of moon from 2007 lunar cal Click for full size image.

Caption: This white-light image of the Moon was taken by the NASA EPOXI mission as part of the Earth-Moon Flyby calibration of the instruments. The image was taken by the High Resolution Instrument (HRI) visual imaging camera at 22:00 UT on 29 Dec 2007, when the spacecraft was at about three times the Earth's distance from the Moon. To compensate for the defocus of the HRI telescope, the calibrated image was post-processed using 20 iterations of a modified Lucy-Richardson deconvolution procedure that includes wavelet noise dampening. The overly bright limb of the moon is the most noticeable artifact of the deconvolution.

revised HRI image of moon from 2007 lunar cal Click for full size image.

Caption: Dr. Wellnitz did a quick and dirty processing of one of the lunar images so that we could post something quickly to the web (top). Dr. Li has gone back and co-registered the 6 images taken through the clear filter and then combined them. This lowers the overall noise. Then using the PSF as determined during the Deep Impact mission he used the same deconvolution algorithm but for 40 iterations.

Use Google Moon to identify features.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD/GSFC

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