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Two intriguing investigations -- One flight-proven spacecraft

Earth Flyby 2007

Earth Flyby 2007

Learning how to generate an ephemeris using JPL Horizons will allow you to generate a list of coordinates not only for EPOXI, but for observing planets, asteroids, comets and other spacecraft in the future. There are several options to edit:

  • Ephemeris Type: OBSERVER     Do not change!
  • Target Body:      Change!
    • Select spacecraft from the drop down menu and display list
    • Select Deep Impact - EPOXI FLYBY Spacecraft (EPOXI) [-140]
  • Observer Location:      Change!
    • Can select from a list of nearby observatories or nearby locations
  • Time Span:      Change!
    • Select the date(s) you want to observe, the time intervals
  • Table Settings:      Change!
    • There are many details here that you can have in your output table, at a minimum though you'll want the coordinates (RA and dec).
  • Display/Output:      optional change
    • Select preferred output.Plain text is sufficient to view onscreen and print.
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