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Two intriguing investigations -- One flight-proven spacecraft

Kenneth Klaasen

Kenneth Klaasen

Co-Investigator, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Ken Klaasen

Role: Mission Operations and Image Analysis

Ken Klaasen is an EPOXI Co-Investigator. His primary responsibility is calibration of the onboard instruments and characterization of their performance. He is also the team lead for science operations, including the development of the Hartley-2 encounter science observation sequence. Klaasen is a Principal Engineer on the staff of the Instrument Systems Implementation and Concepts Section at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has over 35 years of experience in solar system exploration using remote sensing instrumentation. His primary areas of interest and expertise are in payload system engineering, instrument calibration, experiment planning, and mission operations. His scientific research interests include the global properties of various planets, satellites, asteroids, and comets with particular emphasis on their photometric properties. He has been involved in many solar system exploration missions including Mariner 10, Viking Orbiter, Galileo, Cassini, and Deep Impact.

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